The Need is Urgent
The global water crisis is a threat to lives and livelihoods everywhere.  No other natural resource is as fundamental to human well-being and sustainable development as the ready availability of clean water.  Though some progress is evident, the increasing demand for clean water continues to outrace global resources and capabilities.

“Best of U.S.” Solutions are Available
The private sector, NGOs, universities, civil society and government are working on solutions to this crisis, but coordinated action is needed to match and integrate solutions and bring them to scale quickly.  A new U.S. Water Partnership has been formed to unite and mobilize “best of U.S.” expertise, resources and ingenuity to address water challenges around the globe, with a special focus on developing countries where needs are greatest.

Objectives:  Share, Integrate, Scale and Solve
The U.S. Water Partnership’s objectives are to:

  • Share U.S. knowledge, leverage and mobilize resources, and facilitate cross-sector partnerships to rapidly scale up innovative solutions, especially in the developing world where needs are greatest; and,
  • Create new opportunities for a broad spectrum of U.S. organizations, such as drawing on private sector innovation.

National Leadership is Ready
The global water crisis presents a unique confluence of diplomatic, policy, economic, gender and humanitarian challenges.  In her World Water Day 2010 speech, U.S. State Department Secretary Clinton called for bringing stakeholders together to solve these water challenges:

“In the United States, water represents one of the great diplomatic and development opportunities of our time. It’s not every day you find an issue where effective diplomacy and development will allow you to save millions of lives, feed the hungry, empower women, advance our national security interests, protect the environment and demonstrate to billions of people that the United States cares, cares about you and your welfare.  Water is that issue.”

The U.S. must have a coherent mechanism to bring its resources and capabilities to the forefront of these challenges.  The U.S. Water Partnership represents an opportunity to realize Secretary Clinton’s vision and creates a legacy of Americans working together to create a water secure future for all.

Core Actions: Knowledge Access, Capacity Building, Partnerships and Expert Teams
The U.S. Water Partnership is connecting people and resources, making information easily accessible, reducing transaction costs and leveraging the assets of partners to offer a range of “best of the U.S.” solutions tailored to key water needs.  The three levels of solutions include:

  1. Access to knowledge – synthesize and manage the wealth of U.S.  information through readily accessible, centralized physical and web-based network tools, and provide a central platform for knowledge sharing
  2. Technical assistance and training – build capacity to understand U.S. information and self-develop solutions
  3. Partnership development – facilitate and build “best of the U.S.” partnerships and expert teams to provide integrated solutions and rapid response to significant international challenges.

Partnership members will also benefit by engaging and learning from those already active in water solutions.

Download Presentations:

Private Sector Roundtable (Feb. 6, 2012)

USG Roundtable (Feb. 29, 2012)

NGO Roundtable (March 7, 2012)

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